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Del Mar Photonics Ti:Sapphire laser Trestles in the UCLA Biophysics Neuroimaging Laboratory


The UCLA Biophysics Neuroimaging Laboratory is committed to developing new microscopy techniques to further the reach of experimental methods in the area of systems neuroscience.

The Lab is collaborating to develop next generation multi-photon microscopy systems, with the aim of imaging millimeter volumes of tissue with non-linear enhanced resolution at millisecond time scales. This may improve methods for analysis of in-vivo cortical circuits and classic microcircuit systems via calcium and potentiometric dyes, provide higher throughput for structural imaging, and enable more detailed modeling of systems of nerve cells. Calcium and potentiometric dyes can be used to monitor network activity with single cell and single spike resolution across hundreds of cells.

Featured in the laboratory is an ultrafast Ti:Sa oscillator kit from Del Mar Photonics. Output power is typically hundreds of milliwatts. KLM Mode locking is started by voice coil and monitor high bandwidth avalanche photodiode combined with a lock-in amplifier.

In this video Adrian Cheng shows his multiphoton imaging system based on Del Mar Photonics Ti:Sapphire laser and describes his experiments on imaging of neural activity in zebra fish.



Del Mar Photonics Ti:Sapphire lasers in combination with a new bread of DPSS and fiber pump lasers bring down the cost of femtosecond laser systems for non-linear imaging and allows more researches to have this powerful research tool in their labs.

Laser brand-name  Brief description  Output parameters  Sample specifications  Pdf brochures
 Trestles  Ti:Sapphire oscillator  wavelength tuning range
 710-950 nm (@6W pump);
 output power >600 mW
 (@6W pump, 800 nm)
 pulse duration <20 fs - 100 fs
 Trestles-100 without pump laser
 Ti:Sapphire oscillator having a tuning range of
 710-950 nm (@6W pump);
 output power >600 mW (@6W pump, 800 nm);
 beam quality TEMoo;
 polarization - linear horizontal;
 pulse duration <100 fs;
 repetition rate 80 MHz
 Trestles Ti:Sapphire laser
 Trestles Finesse Ti:Sapphire laser

 Pump lasers
 HPG DPSS green laser
 Finesse DPSS green laser
 Green fiber laser - NEW!


The UCLA Biophysics Neuroimaging Laboratory
The UCLA Biophysics Neuroimaging Laboratory is located in Knudsen Hall Room B-171 next to the Physics and Astronomy Building (PAB)

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