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Trestles Opus femtosecond Ti:Sapphire laser with built in 3 Watt DPSS laser

Trestles Opus is a Ti:sapphire oscillator that produces laser pulses with a duration from 50 to 100 femtoseconds at an average power up to 400 mW at 800nm. Spectrally limited (also called transform-limited) 100 fs pulses have minimal broadening in multiphoton microscope systems and doesn't require any additional dispersion management pulse chirping apparatus. It is tunable in the range and also available with any fixed center wavelengths of 750, 770, 790, 810, 830, 850, or 870 nm and any other wavelengths in between.
The Trestles Opus comes with 2 years warranty. New femtosecond source is priced under 50 thousand dollars. (request a quote)


Trestles Opus one-box femtosecond laser with built-in DPSS pump (request a quote)
Trestles 100 femtosecond oscillator
up to 400mW output power at 800nm
> 200mW output at any other preset wavelength wavelength in the range 740-870 nm (indicate required wavelength when ordering)
100 fs pulses (ask for 50fs or less option!)
Tuning range of 740-850 nm (for tunable option)
Spatial mode - TEMoo
Polarization - linear, horizontal
Pulse repetition rate - 80 MHz
Pulse energy up to 5 nJ at 800 nm
Electronic starter with TTL output for mode-locked mode observation
USB-controlled tuning slit for wavelength tuning

Opus DPSS pump laser, 3 W output
power 3 W
wavelength 532 nm
beam size 2.0 mm
spatial mode TEM00
M squared < 1.1
power stability < 0.4 % RMS
noise < 0.4% RMS

tuning curve for standard optics set (maximum output power is higher due to the fact that pump laser deliver >3W pump power!!!)

For higher output power ask about our Trestles Finesse lasers! Trestles Finesse lasers have build in DPSS pump lasers with output powers up to 10W.
Trestles Finesse brochure

Del Mar Photonics is your one stop source for ultrafast (femtosecond) as well as continuum wave (CW) narrow linewidth Ti:Sapphire lasers

Dimensions of Trestles Opus femtosecond Ti:Sapphire laser with built in 3 Watt DPSS laser

The Trestles Opus weight is about 20 kg.

DPSS pump laser control unit


* RS232 control
* large LCD
* advanced funtionality
* analogue modulation
* power failure LED
* emission status LED
* remote interlock
* full switch-mode operation
* silent operation
* compact, low-profile design

voltage 12V dc
frequency dc input
Required Clearance
* 100 mm at rear

mains 12V dc input
modulation 9 way D-type
RS232 9 way D-type
umbilical 25 way D-type

input range 0 - 4 V
rise time 10 usec
bandwidth 0 - 30 kHz


Chiller - weight 11 kg, W 220mm x D 333mm x H 390mm

The same laser can be used with any other suitable pump laser. Typical tuning curves at different pump energies are shown here. Pump laser in that case is placed outside oscillator box.

Del Mar Photonics Ti:Sapphire laser Trestles in the UCLA Biophysics Neuroimaging Laboratory (more)


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