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Example of research using multi-photon imaging of the mammalian brain.

A postdoctoral fellowship in multi-photon imaging of the mammalian brain
is available immediately at the Medical University of South Carolina,
located in the lovely coastal city of Charleston.

The successful candidate will use two-photon calcium imaging of neurons
to study the functional micro-architecture of binocular vision.
Additional techniques available include multi-electrode and multi-site
electrophysiological recording. The PIís lab is outfitted with a state
of the art two-photon imaging system, designed specifically for deep
functional imaging in the intact brain of almost any mammalian species.

The successful candidate will have prior research experience in systems
neuroscience, fluorescence microscopy, electrophysiological recording in
vivo, and quantitative analysis of neural signals. The candidate must be
highly motivated, have good interpersonal and organizational skills, and
be prepared to work in an interactive laboratory environment. Salary
will be commensurate with experience, according to NIH guidelines and
the position is renewable annually for up to five years.

Please email curriculum vitae, a brief statement of research interests,
and names of three references to

Prakash Kara
Assistant Professor
Department of Neurosciences
Medical University of South Carolina

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