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Germanium windows and etalons from stock

Diamond-like carbon coatings (DLC)


Being applied to Germanium or Silicon windows and lenses DLC provides BBAR performance coupled with excellent protection of outer optical surfaces from negative influences of the environment (humidity, dust, atmospheric precipitations) and stays inert to mechanical strikes, thermal shock, acids, salts, solvents and other chemical reagents. It consists of carbon and hydrogen. Field of application is military devices and outside thermal cameras. Sometimes its better to have window and lenses coated DLC+BBAR. DLC coatings can be applied to Ge and Si substrates of sizes as big as 320mm in diameter.


Substrate Wavelength, microns Average transmission T, % AOI, deg
Si, Ge 3-5 >94 0
Ge 8-12 >85 0

One sided DLC coating optimized for Ge substrate.


Double sided DLC coating on Ge substrate.


AR/DLC coating on Ge substrate.


Del Mar Photonics

Germanium windows and etalons from stock


Del Mar Photonics supply infrared optics from other materials including ZnSe, Germanium, Barium Fluoride, Calcium Fluoride IR grade and many others. E-mail us for custom quote or check our online store for items available in stock.

We also offer Diamond-like carbon coating


 Model   Product Name+   Price   Buy Now 
 W-CF-25.4-3   CaF2 window, 25.4 mm x 3.0 mm  $149.00  Buy Now 
 W-CaF-40-7   CaF2 window, 40 mm x 7.0 mm   $450.00  Buy Now 
 W-CF-50.8-3   CaF2 window, 50.8 mm x 3.0 mm   $190.00  Buy Now 
 DSP-CF-15   Dispersion prism, IR grade CaF2, 15x15x15x10 mm   $150.00  Buy Now 


Ge optics

 Model   Product Name+   Price   Buy Now 
 E-Ge-12.7-25.4   Ge etalon, 12.7 mm x 25.4 mm ( 0.5" x 1")   $790.00  Buy Now 
 W-Ge-25.4-3   Ge window, 25.4 mm x 3 mm   $110.00  Buy Now 
 W-Ge-38.1-4   Ge window, 38.1 mm x 4 mm   $250.00  Buy Now 



 Model   Product Name+   Price   Buy Now 
 PH-ZnSe-25.4-12.7   ZnSe hemicylindrical prism, 25.4 mm   $1,350.00  Buy Now 
 W-ZnSe-60-3-K   ZnSe window, 60 mm, tckn. 3 mm, coated   $620.00  Buy Now 
 W-ZnSe-12.7-1   ZnSe window, 12.7 mm, thickn. 1 mm   $90.00  Buy Now 
 W-ZnSe-25.4-3   ZnSe window, 25.4 mm, thickn. 3 mm   $110.00  Buy Now 
 W-ZnSe-76.2-3-K   ZnSe window, 76.2 mm, tckn. 3 mm, coated   $700.00  Buy Now 


BaF2 - Barium Fluoride

 Model   Product Name+   Price   Buy Now 
 WG-BF-25.4-10-1.55   BaF2 wedge, 25.4 mm x 10.0 mm x 1.55 mm   $129.00  Buy Now 
 WG-BF-25.4-10-2.1   BaF2 wedge, 25.4 mm x 10.0 mm x 2.1 mm   $129.00  Buy Now 
 WG-BF-25.4-10-2.5   BaF2 wedge, 25.4 mm x 10.0 mm x 2.5 mm   $129.00  Buy Now 
 W-BF-12.7-2   BaF2 window, 12.7 mm x 2.0 mm   $62.00  Buy Now 
 W-BF-4-0.5   BaF2 window, 4" x 0.5", polished, uncoated   $1,200.00  Buy Now 

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