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Best talk and best poster awards at IONS-Moscow 2010 conference sponsored by Del Mar Photonics

About IONS (from the IONS-project website) - New: Del Mar Photonics sponsor IONS-NA-2 conference in Tucson, Arizona - Best poster



The Otago University OSA Student Chapter is hosting the 3rd annual Conference on Optics, Atoms and Laser Applications - IONS-KOALA 2010. KOALA will take place from the 29th of November to the 3rd of December at Selwyn College, University of Otago, Dunedin, New Zealand.

KOALA is geared primarily towards PhD students from New Zealand and Australia working in an optics-related field. Topics include:

* Nonlinear optics
* Ultracold atoms
* Quantum optics
* Spectroscopy
* Biophotonics

The conference will follow the format of previous KOALAs. Talks will be 30 minutes long and all of the delegates will have the opportunity to present a poster.

KOALA is also cheap! The registration fee ($100 NZD or $50 NZD for Australian Optical Society members) includes accommodation, food, conference dinner, and social outing.

Also check out our main page and the Otago University OSA Student Chapter page.

KOALA is being held at Selwyn College at the University of Otago in Dunedin, New Zealand. It is within walking distance to shops and the Dunedin city centre.

Dunedin is the second largest city in the South Island of New Zealand. Nearby are many opportunities to see local wildlife and enjoy the great outdoors, with many walking tracks a short drive away.

The climate is temperate, but variable. Even though the end of November is heading into summer, be sure to bring some warm clothing as the weather can still take a cold dive!

If you have been selected to give a talk, your name is listed below. All other delegates may present a poster.
Seiji Armstrong (ANU)
Ben Sparkes (ANU)
Matthew Petrasiunas (Griffith University)
Gethin Richards (Swinburne)
Varun Sreenivasan (Macquarie University)
Carlo Bradac (Macquarie University)
Matt McGovern (Otago University)
Alex Butler (Macquarie University)
Evan Curwood (University of Melbourne)
Alexander Arriola (Macquarie University)
Zhen Song (Macquarie University)
Udayakumar Chinnasamy (RMIT)
Yvan Paquot (University of Sydney)
Michael Stefszky (ANU)
Thomas Ernst (Massey University)
Geraldine Marien (Macquarie University)
Ting Han (ANU)
Boon Yew Yeo (University of Western Australia)
Ana Rakonjac (Otago University)
Catarina Sahlberg (Otago University)
Peter MacDowall (Otago University)
David McAuslan (Otago University)
Patrick Ledingham (Otago University)
Sam Rooney (Otago University)
Matthew Broome (University of Queensland)
Hashan Munasinghe (University of Adelaide)
Arif Ullah (Auckland University)
Below is a list of people presenting posters:
Helen Chrzanaowski (ANU)
Wei Liu (ANU)
Amy Lin (Auckland University)
Julie Kho (Auckland University)
Benjamin Norton (Griffith University)
Christopher Miese (Macquarie University)
Eduardo Granados (Macquarie University)
Jana Say (Macquarie University)
Nick Cvetojevic (Macquarie University)
Simon Gross (Macquarie University)
Jake Gulliksen (Massey University)
Chris Billington (Monash University)
Shaun Johnstone (Monash University)
Alex Doronin (Otago University)
Andrew Wade (Otago University)
Danny Baillie (Otago University)
Emese Toth (Otago University)
Joseph Towers (Otago University)
Russell Bisset (Otago University)
Eike Zeller (RMIT)
Geethaka Devendra (RMIT)
Ben Cumming (Swinburne)
Han Lin (Swinburne)
Khuong Ba Dinh (Swinburne)
Valentin Ivannikov (Swinburne)
Chris Kalanins (University of Adelaide)
Erik Shartner (University of Adelaide)
Andy McCulloch (University of Melbourne)
Daniel Sigle (University of Queensland)
Devin Smith (University of Queensland)
James Owens (University of Queensland)
Alvaro Casas Bedoya (University of Sydney)
Björn Sturmberg (University of Sydney)
Felix Lawrence (University of Sydney)
Hannah McFarlane (University of Sydney)
John Scott Brownless (University of Sydney)
Owen Brasier (University of Sydney)
Jian Wei Tay (Otago University)
Michael Garrett (University of Queensland)
Sarah Midgley (University of Queensland)
Nor Azah Abdul Aziz (University of Melbourne)
Iryna Khodasevych (RMIT)
Matthew Walbran (Auckland University)
Simon Whalen (Auckland University)
William Parker (Auckland University)
Xinjie Song (Auckland University)
Misami Yoshihara (San Francisco State University)

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