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The UP19K-H5(H9) Family

The UP19K-H5 family is our most popular line. With a convenient aperture size (19 mm), a broadband spectral range and the highest damage threshold on the market, the competition is simply trying to follow. The UP series detectors can take a lot of laser power in a small body. From a few mW to 15 W it is the smallest, toughest and fastest detector in its class. The absorber handles 36 kW/cm2 of average power density. Only Gentec-EOís WB detectors can do better. It is fast with a response better than 0.6 seconds using a Gentec-EO monitor. You can even run it up to 23 W for short periods. Thatís ultra performance and ultra value!
Convection Cooled
These models use convection cooling to increase the power range of the UP19K family. The UP19K-30H-H5 takes you to 30 W continuous and 45 W intermittent. Using our oversized custom heatsink the UP19K-50L-H5 pushes that to 50 W continuous and 75 W intermittent.
Air and Water Cooled
You want the same small package but for high average power. With a few volts to power the fan the UP19K-110F-H9 handles 110 W of laser power in an amazingly compact package. With water cooling, the UP19K-150W-H5 takes 150 W. This maximum power can be pushed to 200 W with the water cooling module and the even stronger absorber of the UP19K-200W-H9. With the DI option it is perfect for clean deionised water cooling systems.
Energy Mode
With this option every member of the family can be equipped to measure single shot pulse energies as well as average power. From 20 mJ up to 5 J Q-switched or 25 J long pulse.
Available Modules
15 WUP19K-15S-H5
30 WUP19K-30H-H5
50 WUP19K-50L-H5
110 WUP19K-110F-H9
150 WUP19K-150W-H5
200 WUP19K-200W-H9
Accessories Fiber Optic Adapters (FC, SMA, SC)
Isolation Tube for low powers
Extension Cables (4, 15, 20 and 25 m)
Pelican Carrying Case
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