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The SOLO 2 is our next generation SOLO monitor; making it our most complete handheld power and energy meter. You will find all the useful functions you liked on the SOLO PE, with improved performances and speed. Take a look at the main features of the SOLO 2:

# Reads both power and energy detectors
# Fast 200 Hz data transfer rate
# Reads fast energy detectors up to 3 kHz
# Large 78 x 58 mm LCD screen with backlight
# Full statistical functions in real time
# Unequalled 225 000 points data storage

# Fast prediction algorithm for accelerated power measurements

Windows CE™
The SOLO’s menu-driven Windows CE™ based interface is easy and intuitive enough to master in minutes. You can also download the operating software for the SOLO 2 from our Downloads Section. Our newest features, latest improvements, and even custom modifications just for you, are available at the click of a button.
Power and Energy
The SOLO 2 gives you the flexibility to read both power and energy detectors as simply as plugging in a new head. The SOLO 2 lets you display power from a photodiode detector in dBm or watts. The SOLO 2 will recognize the detector and automatically download all the calibration information it needs from the detector’s EEPROM.
Data Acquisition
Data acquisition and remote control are possible via serial RS-232 and USB ports. You can save your settings so the SOLO 2 will be ready to go as soon as you power it up. You can turn on the time stamp to ease your analysis or leave it off to maximize your storage. Data is easily plotted on widely available spreadsheets and plotting programs.
Remote Control
PC-SOLO, a user-friendly communication software package, lets you control the SOLO 2 from your PC. Upgrades for PC-SOLO are available on our website.
Save Data and Settings
The SOLO 2 can store data in flash memory and transfer it to a PC. The SOLO 2 can also remember and recall your settings. Look at the Status screen to review all of your settings at any time.
Flexible Statistics
You can set the SOLO 2 to calculate the statistics for a single sample and stop, or to repeat continuously. Take data for a few seconds or a few weeks. You have the flexibility to handle any application from analyzing a single short pulse with high resolution to sampling performance over a period of months.

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