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DMP12 ---- NEW !

# μW to W Range
# Thermopile-Based
# Minimal Thermal Drift
# Flat Spectral Response
# High Sensitivity
Thermopile Detector
This power detector has been carefully designed to extend the performance of thermopile detectors into the photodiode typical power range. The low power thermopile draws on the advantages of both measurement technologies. The DMP12 offers the flat spectral response and the low spatial dependence of the thermopile detectors, while retaining the high sensitivity and the compactness of the photodiodes.
From μW to W
It is the best device to measure from 1 μW to 1 W in broadband applications. Contrary to photodiodes, the DMP12 handles nicely any pulsed laser, even slower ones. Users working with lasers in the mW range will appreciate its lower thermal drift compared to the standard thermopile detectors.
Available Modules
1 WDMP12-1S-H2
Accessories Extension Cables (4, 15, 20 and 25 m)
Pelican Carrying Case
IR Isolation Filter (To be placed on the tube)


Laser Power & Energy Measurement


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