Femtosecond scanning autocorrelator Reef RT AA-10D

 Pulse duration range 10-6000 fs
 Scanning rate 0.1-20 Hz
 Linear distortion <1%
 All-reflective optics
 Position measurement
 Fringe-resolved autocorrelation function
 Polarization insensitive
 Frictionless movement
 Optional fiber output
 LabView drivers will be available soon!
Del Mar Photonics femtosecond scanning autocorrelator Reef RT AA-10D


 Wavelength range, nm  700-1300 / 1150-1750*
 Pulse duration range, fs  10-6000
 Input repetition rate (min)  200 kHz / 100Hz**
 Sensitivity  Pav * Ppeak = 10 (mW)2
 Input polarization  horizontal or vertical (specify with order)
 Scanning rate, Hz  0.1-20
 Linear distortion, %  < 1%
 Collinear (interferometric)
 Non-collinear (background-free)  no
 Cross-correlation (on demand)  no
 Necessary equipment  oscilloscope
 Signal source and detector  Two-photon conductivity in semiconductor
 Dimensions, mm  355 x 250 x 140
   255 x 190 x 85 (electronic unit)

* - model AA-10DR
** - model AA-10DL or AA-10DRL

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