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Customer inquiry:
we are looking for a frequency doubler for a single frequency Ar-ion laser (Coherent Innova 90C, Coherent Inc.) working at 488nm and 1.5 W (beam
diameter/divergence/polarization: 1.5mm/0.5mrad/vertical).
We would like to have a conversion efficiency of at least 10%.
If your "resonant frequency doubler model FD-SF-07" can met our needs please send me a quote.

Resonant Frequency Doubler for CW Single-Frequency Lasers FD-SF-07 - request a quote

Resonant frequency doubler, model FD-SF-07, for CW single-frequency lasers ((Ti:Sapphire, Dye, Ar, DPSS etc.) opens new possibilities for more efficient laser wavelength conversion in the visible and near IR ranges into the blue and UV domains. Optimised resonator of FD-SF-07 in combination with high-quality mirrors ensures relatively high level of output second-harmonic power. Pumped with 1 W fundamental radiation power the doubler outputs: more than 250 mW within the 350-475 nm range (for 700950-nm input), > 200 mW within the 275-350 nm range (for 550700-nm input), and > 150 mW within the 244-275 nm range (for 488550 nm range). Maximum conversion efficiency of the fundamental radiation into the second harmonics reaches 40% for single-frequency Ti:Sapphire pump laser (810 mW blue output at 2W@800nm input) and 20% for single-frequency Ar/Yb:YAG pump lasers (500 mW UV output at 2.5W green input).


Flagship model of 15-kHz-linewidth CW Ti:Sapphire laser TIS-SF-777
CW single-frequency ring Ti:Sapphire laser model TIS-SF-07
Frequency-stabilized CW single-frequescy ring Dye laser DYE-SF-077
Resonant Frequency Doubler for CW single-frequency lasers, model FD-SF-07
Combined CW Ti:Sapphire/Dye laser with intracavity frequency doubling, model TIS/DYE-FD-08
Combined CW single-frequency laser system based on Ti:Sapphire and Dye laser TIS/DYE-SF-07
Tekhnoscan introductory brochure

President and CEO of Tekhnoscan Sergey Kobtsev and President and CEO of Del Mar Photonics Sergey Egorov shaking hands after reaching partnership agreement during Photonics West 2007 in San Jose, California

President and CEO of Tekhnoscan Sergey Kobtsev and President and CEO of Del Mar Photonics Sergey Egorov
shaking hands after reaching partnership agreement during Photonics West 2007 in San Jose, California

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Selected Publications about Laser Products of Tekhnoscan for two last years

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