Trestles Femtosecond Ti:Sapphire laser
20/50/110 fs oscillators

Mavericks Femtosecond Cr:Forsterite laser
Multiphoton Imaging with Mavericks - introductory brochure

Jaws Laser System Cr:Forsterite Multi-Terawatt Amplified Laser

Tamarack Femtosecond Er-doped fiber laser

Buccaneer Er-doped Femtosecond OA Fiber Laser

Cannon Ultra-Broadband Light Source

Cortes-E Femtosecond TW Laser

Cortes-800 40 TW 30 fs Amplified Ti:Sapphire Laser

Cortes-O 200 TW Femtosecond Laser

Cortes-K Femtoseocnd Seed Laser for Petawatt KrF Excimer Laser

Grommet Diode Pumped Nd:LSB Microchip Solid-state Laser

Femtosecond NSOM Ultrafast Nearfield Optical Microscope

Femtosecond Autocorrelators Reef-ST (scanning) and Reef-SS (single-shot)

Avoca SPIDER Spectral Phase Measurement System

Wedge-M Multipass Ti:Sapphare Amplifier

Rincon Cross-Correlator Pulse Profiling Systems

Rincon SS Single shot third-order cross-correlator

Hatteras Ultrafast Transient Absorption Spectrometer

Beacon Femtosecond Fluorescence Up-conversion Spectrometer

JIBE White Light Continuum Generator

Femtosecond Harmonic Generators

Kirra Faraday Optical Rotators and Isolators

Pismo Pulse Pickers: Electro-Optical Ultrafast Shutters

4W/6W DPPS Green Laser

Diffractive Variable Attenuator (DVA)
Diffractive Variable Attenuator Housing
DVA picture

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