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Ultrafast Electronic State Coupling in Aromatic Cromophores
Raúl Montero, Asier Longartea and Fernando Castaño
aDpto. de Química Física, Universidad del País Vasco, Apdo. 644, Bilbao 48080.

The understanding of photophysic properties of aromatic cromophores (in particular
benzene and naphthalene derivatives) plays a key roll in revealing the mechanisms of many
photoinduced phenomena in chemistry and biology. Some relevant light triggered processes
are: electronic energy and charge transfer in photosynthesis1, photochemistry of DNA and
RNA basis2, cis-trans photoisomerization3, etc. In the case of monosubstituted naphthalene
derivatives, and despite of the enormous theoretical and experimental effort intended to
relate their electronic structure with the observed photophysical behavior, many questions
still remain open4.
We have investigated the relaxation of several X-1-naphthalene derivatives, where X:
H, NH2, OH and CN. Mass resolved transient ionization signals were recorded following
excitation from the ground state S0 to a number of vibrational levels (within the pulse
spectral bandwidth) of the first electronic excited state S1. Further ionization was achieved
by multiphoton absorption of the 800 nm. probe pulse. The time dependent ion signals of
the naphthalene derivatives show relaxation channels involving non adiabatic couplings
among two close lying excited states La and Lb, and the ground state. The nature of these
states and the mechanisms of energy transfer that govern the relaxation processes will be
discussed in the light of the experimental results.
Fig. 1- Transient ion signal for the 1-aminonaphthalene molecule (circles), fragment of mass 115
a.u. (triangles) and autocorrelation function (dashed line), together with the best calculated fit (red
and blue lines) collected at wavelengths of 266 and 800 nm. for pump and probe pulses respectively
in a 1+2 photon process.

Ultrafast Electronic State Coupling in Aromatic Cromophores (pdf abstract)



Del Mar Photonics offers industry's most extensive portfolio of ultrafast lasers
We offer femtosecond oscillators and amplifiers based based on Ti:Sapphire (Trestles, Teahupoo, Cortes), Cr:Forsterite (Mavericks, Jaws), Yb- Solid State (Tourmaline-SS), Er-doped fiber (Tamarack, Buccaneers) and Yb- doped fibers (Tourmaline series). Main specifications of the basic standard models are summarized in the table below:

Laser brand-name  Brief description  Output parameters  Sample specifications  Pdf brochures
 Trestles  Ti:Sapphire oscillator  wavelength tuning range
 710-950 nm (@6W pump);
 output power >600 mW
 (@6W pump, 800 nm)
 pulse duration <20 fs - 100 fs
 Trestles-100 without pump laser
 Ti:Sapphire oscillator having a tuning range of
 710-950 nm (@6W pump);
 output power >600 mW (@6W pump, 800 nm);
 beam quality TEMoo;
 polarization - linear horizontal;
 pulse duration <100 fs;
 repetition rate 80 MHz
 Trestles Ti:Sapphire laser
 Trestles Finesse Ti:Sapphire laser
 Pump lasers
 HPG DPSS green laser
 Finesse DPSS green laser
 Teahupoo Rider  Ti:Sapphire one-box
 Mavericks  Cr:Forsterite oscillator

 tuning range – 1230-1270nm
 output power – up to 1W
 pulse duration – 60 fs - 80 fs
 repetition rate – 120/76 MHz (fixed)
Mavericks 65P
 Femtosecond Cr:Forsterite laser system
 Ytterbium pump laser included.
 tuning range – 1230-1270nm
 output power – 250 mW
 beam quality – TEMoo
 polarization – linear horizontal
 pulse duration – <65 fs
 repetition rate – 120/76 MHz (fixed)
 Electronic starter included.
 Peltier crystal head with temperature
 controller included.
Mavericks Cr:Forsterite femtosecond lasers

Multiphoton Imaging with Mavericks - introductory brochure

New compact version of Mavericks CrF:65P chromium forsterite femtosecond laser


 Tourmaline Yb-SS400  Ytterbium-doped Solid-
 State Femtosecond
 Wavelength, nm 1059±2
 Pulse duration fs < 150
 Output power, mW* >400
 Repetition rate, MHz 80*
 Tourmaline Yb-SS400/150
 Pulse duration (FWHM), fs < 150
 Wavelength, nm 1059±2
 Output power, mW* >400
 Repetition rate, MHz 80*
 Output power stability** ± 1% (see graph)
 Spatial mode TEMoo
 Polarization, linear >100:1 (horizontal)
 Laser head dimensions, mm 710x165x110
 Power supply dimensions, mm 230x200x85
 Ytterbium-doped Solid- State
 Femtosecond Oscillator
 Tamarack  Er-doped fiber
 femtosecond oscillator
 Wavelength, nm 1560±10
 Pulse Width, fs <80 - 250
 Output power, mW >10
 Tamarack 80 (RFQ)
 Pulse Width (FWHM), fs <80
 Wavelength, nm 1560±10
 Average output power, mW >10
 Peak output power, kW up to 1
 Repetition rate, MHz 70
 Power output:
 10 mW, TEM00, linearly polarized or fiber output
 Laser head dimensions, mm 180x210x50
 Power supply unit dimensions, mm 230x200x85
 Tamarack Er-doped femtosecond
 fiber laser
 Buccaneer  Er-doped fiber

 Buccaneer 100
 Femtosecond fiber-based laser system
 Wavelength (fixed) 1560±10nm; output
 power >100 mW;
 beam quality TEM00
 pulse duration (fixed) 150-300 fs;
 repetition rate (fixed) 60-80 MHz

 Buccaneer Er-doped
 femtosecond fiber laser
 Buccaneer SHG  Er-doped fiber
 oscillator/amplifier +SHG
 Wavelength 780+-10 nm
 Pulse Width < 120 fs
 Output power >40 mW
 Buccaneer with a SHG unit
 Fiber laser with SH generation
 Pulse Width (FWHM) < 120 fs
 Wavelength 780+-10 nm (fixed)
 Average output power >40 mW
 Repetition rate 40 MHz
 Spectral width ~ 7.5 nm
 RF Out: SMA
 Mode lock status: SMA
 Polarization: vertical
 Buccaneer Er-doped
 femtosecond fiber laser with build
 in SHG unit


 Tourmaline  Femtosecond Yb-based
 seed oscillator
 Output power 20mW
 Wavelength 1040-1064 nm
 Pulse duration 100 fs
 Tourmaline 100
 Average power 20mW
 Wavelength 1040-1064 nm
 Repetition rate 60-80 MHz
 Pulse duration 100 fs
 Output pulse energy 0.25nJ
 Femtosecond Yb-based seed
 Tourmaline 300-1  Femtosecond Yb-based
 laser system
 Pulse duration 300 fs
 Average power 1 W
 Tourmaline 300-1
Yb-based laser system
 Pulse duration 300 fs
 Average power 1 W
 Repetition rate 10 kHz
 Pulse energy 100 mkJ


 Tourmaline Yb-
 Yb-based high-energy fiber
 laser development kit,
 model Tourmaline Yb-
 Wavelength: 1.07 nm ±0.1 nm
 Pulse duration: 500 fs - 3 ns
 Pulse energy: up to 10 µJ
 Tourmaline Yb-ULRepRate-07
 Yb-based high-energy fiber laser system kit includes:
 - low-repetition-rate high-energy mode-locked Yb-
 doped all-fiber laser with open architecture which
 provides possibility of educational & experimental
 work for obtaining ultra-low-repetition-rate (up to 10
 kHz) and study of parabolic shaped pulses

 Wavelength: 1.07 nm ±0.1 nm
 Pulse duration: 500 fs - 3 ns
 Repetition rate: 25-5 MHz and low (up to 10 kHz)
 Pulse energy: up to 10 µJ (microJoule)


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