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I wonder if you make autocorrelator to characterize pulse at 2 micron. Pulse width is more than 70fs. Center wavelength could be in between 1870 to 1980. rep rate: 25 MHz to 250 MHz and average power from the oscillator could be 30-80 mW.

Del Mar Photonics quote:

Reef-20DDR autocorrelator
Collinear (interferometric) autocorrelation
Wavelength range, nm: 1300-2000
Pulse duration range, fs: 20-6000
Input repetition rate: >10 kHz
Sensitivity: <100 mW^2
Input polarization: horizontal (if vertical please specify with order and e-mail)
Scanning rate, Hz: 0.1-20
Linear distortion, %: <1%
Necessary equipment: PC with USB or oscilloscope

Dimensions, mm:
Optical unit - 132 x 123 x 118
Electronic unit - 255 x 190 x 45
Acquisition and analysis PC software included

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Autocorrelator Reef RT, Del Mar Photonics, San Diego, CA
Reef femtosecond autocorrelators
The autocorrelation technique is the most common method used to determine laser pulse width characteristics on a femtosecond time scale.
The basic optical configuration of the autocorrelator is similar to that of an interferometer (Figure.1). An incoming pulse train is split into two beams of equal intensity. An adjustable optical delay is inserted into one of the arms. The two beams are then recombined within a nonlinear material (semiconductor) for two photon absorption (TPA). The incident pulses directly generate a nonlinear TPA photocurrent in the semiconductor, and the detection of this photocurrent as a function of interferometer optical delay between the interacting pulses yields the pulse autocorrelation function. The TPA process is polarization-independent and non-phasematched, simplifying alignment.

Reef-RT autocorrelator measures laser pulse durations ranging from 20 femtoseconds to picosecond regime. It measures pulse widths from both low energy, high repetition rate oscillators and high energy, low repetition rate amplifiers. Compact control unit operates autocorrelator head and optional spectrometer through on-screen menus. Autocorrelation trace and spectrum can be displayed and analyzed on screen or downloaded to remote computer.

New: Reef-20DDR autocorrelator
Collinear (interferometric) autocorrelation for 1300-2000 nm wavelength range

Near IR viewers
High performance infrared monocular viewers are designed to observe radiation emitted by infrared sources. They can be used to observe indirect radiation of IR LED's and diode lasers, Nd:YAG, Ti:Sapphire, Cr:Forsterite, dye lasers and other laser sources. IR viewers are ideal for applications involving the alignment of infrared laser beams and of optical components in near-infrared systems. Near IR viewers sensitive to laser radiation up to 2000 nm.
The light weight, compact monocular may be used as a hand-held or facemask mounted for hands free operation.

Ultraviolet viewers are designed to observe radiation emitted by UV sources.

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